Stoli Review

Stolichnaya, more commonly know as Stoli vodka, is reviewed my men all over the world as a “great Russian vodka.” For my delicate taste buds, the vodka did not go down well even after I tried to lighten the vodka up with a splash of cranberry juice. The vodka just brought out such a bitter taste in my berries. I was not drawn to their red and gold vodka labels, why should I be anyway, they are clearly targeted at men. So women beware this vodka is harsh, with a very distinctive vodka bite to it, not a dolls best friend. The only thing sweet about this vodka is its Russian heritage. It comes from the land of great vodkas and great vodka drinkers. The price point is also not bad, but I do think there are better choices for stylish vodka dolls. I rate this vodka 2 doll hairs out of 5?

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