Van Gogh Vodka Reivew

Call me crazy, but who wants to drink vodka named after someone who cut off their own ear? I mean isn’t naming a vodka after a post-impressionist painter kind of gimmicky? The man shot and killed himself after developing quite the drinking problem and this is now an award-winning drink? I didn’t get it and was turned off before even trying the stuff. Until one night while in Vancouver during the winter Olympic games when a friend ordered a round of celebratory banana flavoured shots; I polity declined. As I saw the grim faces staring back at me, I quickly changed my mind and shot Van Gogh. My eyes lit up as I placed my shot glass back on the table. I was wrong; yes a doll can admit when she has misjudged. As I found myself looking for the bartender, I realized it’s not only a book that shouldn’t be judged by its cover. Over time I came to enjoy the link to the artist even more, especially the use of bold colors in their vodka. The beautiful blue in the açai-blueberry is one of my favourites; try adding a few ounces of pink champagne in a large flute glass and you have one yummy masterpiece.

One thought on “Van Gogh Vodka Reivew

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