The Cinderella {Vodka} Story

Once upon a time in a land far far away called New Zealand there was a man named Geoff Ross and a lady named Justine. These two worked very hard each day in hope of one day getting their homegrown vodka into all the fancy balls around the world. But vodka from New Zealand, who had heard of such a thing? Apparently no one, every door they knocked on was usually slammed shut. I guess the people on the other side didn’t believe in fairy tales. When it came time to go to the ball these two did not have millions of dollars to spend on their outfits, in fact they barely had enough to wash their hand-me-downs. They didn’t have a fairy godmother or a “million dollar” wand to waive. What they did have, money couldn’t buy anyway; they had courage to fight even the biggest dragon, and that is just what they did. Prince charming eventually bought 42 Below for $138 million and, you guessed it, everyone lived happily ever after. With every good fairy tale there is usually a moral and here is mine…prince charming is not just going to knock on your door and offer you a fairy tale ending. You need to work hard, be creative and never let a little fire scare you away. So make yourself a 42 Below martini and start living your own fairy tale. 

4 thoughts on “The Cinderella {Vodka} Story

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