What to eat when drinking vodka

A dolls got to eat, doesn’t she? But what goes well with vodka? The answer to that depends entirely on how you like your vodka. For example, vodka cranberry would have a completely different food pairing than a dirty vodka martini. This vodka doll loves her martini dry and dirty, and it always tastes best with a naturally salty dish like King Crab or New York strip loin. When I am enjoying a sinful molten lava cake my drink of choice is a vodka with cranberry juice (Cape Cod); the berries and chocolate make for one happy belly. A well-balanced vodka drink should be a perfect blend of flavours and I would never want to throw that off by pairing it with the wrong food. The other two flavours to consider are sour/bitter and spicy vodka drinks. I would love to enjoy a Vodka Sour with a summertime salad or a Spicy Keg Caesar with a blue cheese lettuce wedge. The best way to enjoy vodka is starting with a mix that suits your taste buds, be it sweet, salty, spicy or sour/bitter and choose a dish that complements the mix. It may not be as easy as pairing beverages like beer, sake or wine, but once you understand the characteristics of vodka and their mixers you will always know which food works best. Which food and vodka pairings do you like best?


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