Crystal Head Vodka Review

Crystal Head vodka created quite the stir in my home country Canada. Even though it is distilled in Newfoundland and co-owned by Canadian comedian, Dan Akroyd, the LCBO refused to carry the vodka. Take one guess why? The bottle design of a large glass skull was considered too controversial due to its association with the image of death, but Akroyd succeeded in ending the Crystal Head boycott. I couldn’t wait to get my very own bottle. I poured myself half a shot; I must say the excitement before I tried it made the $50 price tag worth every penny. I was pleasantly surprised with how little it burned going down. I got out my good old Russian Standard vodka to compare, and after a few more sips of each I had all the proof I needed. Crystal Head was less scary than the pretty packaged vodkas and was damn good. Because this vodka has more of a sweet finish to it, I shook it up with some lemon zest and it was dee-lish. Every doll loves a little good fortune, and this vodka tells a tale of an archeological mystery offering spiritual powers of enlightenment to any vodka doll that touches one of the thirteen crystal heads. I rate this vodka 4 doll hairs out of 5; losing a point because I am still waiting for my spiritual powers.

4 thoughts on “Crystal Head Vodka Review

  1. “I rate this vodka 3 doll hairs out of 5; losing a point because I am still waiting for my spiritual powers and the skull is creepy.” >> well put! Ha!

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