Martini termonology

Martini Terms

When asked if you would like your martini ‘on the rocks’ it means would you like it with ice in the glass; rocks refers to ice. I always say no, a good martini should be chilled to perfection without ‘rocks’ in the glass. This leads us to our next term, when asked if you would like your martini ‘straight up’ it means, would you like it without ‘rocks’ in the glass.

The term ‘dry’ refers to the amount of dry vermouth in your martini. The more vermouth you want, the LESS ‘dry’ your martini. Most dolls get this backwards and think the ‘dryer’ the martini the more vermouth. Have you heard of a perfect martini? If you are asked if you want a ‘perfect martini’ the bartender will add equal parts dry vermouth and sweet vermouth. The other liquor that adds a great deal of flavor to your martini is a Scotch Whisky, such as Ballantine. If this appeals to you, ask your bartender to make you a ‘Burnt’ vodka martini.

We have all heard the famous James Bond line, ‘Shaken not Stirred’ these terms are pretty straight forward, would you like the bartender to shake the vodka with ice or gently stir it with a spoon.

‘Dirty’ means would you like a little bit of olive juice in your martini. ‘Twist or Zest’ means would you like a twirly piece of lemon skin in your martini.

Sugar rim is yummy for sweet or sour martinis, this is how to make it: take a plate, cover with sugar, wet the top of the martini glass with lime cordial and lightly spin the martini glass until the rim is nicely coded in sugar.

Vodka dolls, this is the time to be particular with your vodka choice. My top vodka choice for vodka martinis are Crystal Head, Ciroc, 42 Below and Belvedere. Also note that a vodka martini is usually made up of 3 ounces of vodka, which can be a lot for some dolls. If you aren’t quite up for all that excitement, order a single or a double. Any questions? Just post.

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