Caution Goose drinkers!

Vodka Dolls beware, Grey Goose vodka is as shameful as women who buy fake Louis Vuitton bags. The popularity of Grey Goose has this doll shaking her head wondering why others can’t tell how bad it is. Now don’t get me wrong, there are far worse vodkas on the market, but none pretend as hard as Mr. Goose to be a beautiful swan. Simply put, the price is high; the quality is low. There is no bang for your buck here and why should there be when trickery is your marketing strategy. I did not enjoy taste testing this vodka; I found Grey Goose to be slightly smoother than brands like Polar Ice and there wasn’t a strong burning sensation as it went down but the aftertaste is not pleasant. My second shot worked out a little better as I followed it up by biting into a juicy lemon. I also tried mixing an ounce with homemade barlime, which was the best of the three. I give this vodka 1 doll hair out of 5 and I am left with only one question: who should really be called the goose, the vodka or the suckers who buy it? 

2 thoughts on “Caution Goose drinkers!

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