Drinking Vodka Makes Men Smarter

My smart and sexy husband

Dolls have you ever wondered why the men in your life are not just sexy, but also really smart? A new study suggests that drinking vodka actually makes men quicker than their party pooper counterparts. A study, called “Uncorking the Muse,” tested 20 guys enjoying a cool vodka cranberry and 20 others who were unfortunately sober. All 40 were shown an animated film and asked brain teaser questions shortly after. The result has this doll smiling; the guys with the clear spirit in their cups were clearly brighter.  The drinkers were able to produce the correct answer faster than the sober guys. If you ask me, this isn’t just another excuse to drink, it’s a valid reason. The experts say that the effects of the vodka allowed the men to  feel at ease when answering the questions, which generated a quicker response time. Helping men and women all over the world, I propose a toast to vodka and it its drinkers. Cheers vodka drinkers, may we outshine our sober selves.

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