Cloud No 9 Vodka Liqueur


Last week I went searching for a new and exciting vodka to tickle my taste buds and came across a unique luxury vodka liqueur called Cloud No 9. The ultra feminine bottle was filled to the brim with a deep purple liqueur and labeled as if it was an expensive bottle of perfume. I picked it up to read more; it’s actually made entirely from Cabernet Sauvignon, grape spirit and Tasmanian spring water. Despite, the outrageous price tag and the low alcohol content of 18%, I bought the pretty bottle. I absolutely love the taste of the liqueur; it has a wonderfully smooth deep fruit flavor. However, I question if Cloud No 9 is actually a vodka; to me it tastes more like a snobby port wine. As much as I enjoyed the taste, it is not something I would recommend to those who want a proper drink. Tricked again by pretty packaging, by now this vodka doll should have learned her lesson. I give this “vodka” 1 doll hair out of 5. Although the taste was exceptionally yummy, this is not actually a vodka by definition and would caution others on spending $60.00 on a spirit with such a low alcohol content.

One thought on “Cloud No 9 Vodka Liqueur

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