About the Vodka Blog

Can women drink vodka like men? I have forever been wondering why guys love vodka and how they can drink it without scrunching up their faces as it goes down. Pour me a shot and I cringe at the smell, but guys stay calm and cool as they enjoy it in a way I wasn’t able to. Then, just like buying a dress that I swear was made just for me, I tried a vodka and I didn’t make the face. With that my true love affair with vodka began. I realized I just drank and enjoyed vodka like men do. Taking it upon myself to review the famous and  infamous vodka, food pairings, vodka trends and traditions and some outstanding international martinis, I became a vodka doll.  So follow me on my journey of sophisticated drinking, where girls not only drink like men, they do it with style and grace…and enjoy it!


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