Vodka made from grapes?

Can you make vodka from grapes? If you are Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs you can! Ciroc vodka  is made from Mauzac Blanc grapes in France, but drunk internationally by vodka lovers and/or people who think P. Diddy is cool. I went out and bought a bottle of the Ultra Premium grape vodka and this doll was not disappointed.  If I was Barbie, this vodka would be my Ken. I absolutely love the look of the bottle; the blue stone on the front is very sheik. After spending a few hours in the freezer the bottle’s “sheikness” turns into sexiness as the condensation slides down the side of the bottle. Ciroc vodka has a distinct fruit, almost grapey flavour to it. It also gave me a lasting warm sensation, which is exactly what a $70 bottle of vodka should do. There is no reason to mix this vodka with anything other than a few cubes of ice and maybe a lemon twist. I rate this vodka 4 doll hairs out of 5. I think this vodka’s advertisements are pretty lame, especially compared to 42 Below.